Elderflower blueberry lime virgin cocktail

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

elderflower blueberry lime virgin cocktail

I really wanted to celebrate the end of my short break and the beginning of Mitzy At Home with a cocktail and share it with you. My original plan was to tell you all about Hugo. It’s supposed to be the drink of the summer, just like Aperol Spritz, and I admit I love it.

Its key ingredient is elderflower syrup, which I adore as it just puts me right back into my childhood. It’s one of those things everyone’s grandmother/aunt/neighbor makes every summer. Normally, I drink it mixed with water, but that isn’t really blog worthy. That is why I wanted to make a cocktail.

elderflower blueberry lime virgin cocktail

But my plan didn’t work out. You see, the second of the few ingredients in Hugo is mint. For some reason every store I go to either doesn’t sell it or the mint is sold out, and I was left empty-handed. I should probably just grow my own, but I am too late for that now.

I did pick up something else on my shopping trips – key limes! The stores have been completely stocked with them and I really couldn’t pass them, as their green color is just so beautiful and inviting!

I had some elderflower syrup at home and I love lime juice, which led me to combining the two.  While I was really upset that I couldn’t get any mint, I am happy with the result, which is this refreshing elderflower cocktail (well mocktail, but easily made alcoholic).

elderflower blueberry lime virgin cocktail

This drink is really refreshing and tasty.  Summer may be saying goodbye, but it’s not gone yet which leaves me (and you) just enough time to enjoy it.

elderflower blueberry lime virgin cocktail

Elderflower blueberry lime virgin cocktail
A refreshing summer drink!
  • elderflower syrup(1-2 tablespoons per glass)
  • key limes (1 per glass)
  • fresh blueberries (about 10 per glass)
  • mineral water
  • ice cubes
  1. Take a glass and pour in the syrup. Add juice of half a lime, cut the other half in slices.
  2. Add the blueberries and pierce them all with a fork or a knife, slightly mush them.
  3. Add ice, slices of lime and pour over mineral water. Mix with a straw and add a few extra blueberries.
Adjust the amount of elderflower syrup to your taste. If you like sweeter drinks, add more, if not add less.

To make this drink alcoholic, add a sip of sparkling wine or white rum!




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