diy funny valentines day treat bags

I don’t know what the situation is like in your area, but over here, pretty much every store has a “red” section at the moment, dedicated to the upcoming Valentine’s day. Heart-shaped lollipops, chocolate boxes filled with pretty pralines, chocolate flowers, cards, baloons, heart shaped donuts, heart-shaped everything. That’s just the grocery stores. All stocked and ready for you to buy a gift of love.

Ooh, how uncool does that sound? 

diy funny valentines day treat bags

And I think I’ll save my deeper thoughts about the holiday for a later time, because today I just want to share a quick and easy DIY gift with you. For me, Valentine’s day isn’t just reserved for lovers. It’s for those who love and are loved, it’s for everyone. Your mom, your sister, your friend, hey, even your dog or cat. As a proud pet owner, I include my cats in everything. Yeah, I’m that person.


year-round homemade tomato sauce - canned tomatoes

Can’t believe it’s February already, but I’m happy at the same time. Last week was so weird. The weather kept changing day-to-day and everything would get wet in the evenings without it raining at all.  And I felt cranky all the time and probably annoyed my boyfriend way too much. (It’s what us girlfriends are for, no?)

year-round homemade tomato sauce - canned tomatoes

I saw this article on Buzzfeed about de-stressing in the kitchen and I totally relate to it. My favorite way to de-stress in the kitchen is making dough and washing the dishes. I prefer to do the latter first, then make some dough and on a super asshole-y day I make pizza out of that. Nothing beats cheesy pizza and a beer. Well, maybe lasagna does.

Add some TV to that and I am #blessed.


oatmeal fudgy skillet cookie - blueberry sauce and ice cream

You know, I’ll just jump right into it. I’ve been wondering what to name this recipe. I think fudgy skillet cookie works great, but this is more than just a cookie.

It’s loaded with chocolate and chocolate chips, so it could be a brownie. It’s got oats which remind me of an oatmeal cookie. It’s served with a thick blueberry sauce and vanilla ice cream, which is a bit over the top and gives me cake or trifle vibes.

oatmeal fudgy skillet cookie blueberry sauce vanilla ice cream

You could also simply call this your Friday night date. I’m not kidding, because that doesn’t sound bad at all. And you know I’d never judge you.

Brownie, cookie, potato, potahto, … I opted for fudgy skillet cookie. I like the sound of that, as it satisfies all my sweet cravings at once. I can just feel the gooey chewy chocolate bits, without even having a bite.


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