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I’m slowly counting down the days until September, then October. I cannot wait for fall to come. Summer is just too hot and too slow for my liking. The city seems sleepy, like everyone is in hiding and all that’s left are dusty pavements with heat evaporating from them.

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Guess what I’m watching? Apart from Gilmore Girls or OITNB. 

Sex and the City! It’s not something I planned on watching, I just thought I’d turn on the TV as I write this (I’m a sucker for background noise – if it’s of my own choosing) and as I was flipping through  the channels SATC came up. To make it better, it’s only the second episode of the first season. Talk about a throwback Thursday!

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Why hasn’t anyone told me that OITNB is really, I mean really, good? I have noticed that a lot of people are talking about it, but the hype is often a turn off for me. But if someone said “hey Alice this is seriously awesome, ignore the hype” I might have given it a chance sooner.

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