roasted tomato soup

10 days without a new post. Can’t say that I’m proud of that. But if June and July were easy breezy beautiful covergirl, August has been tough. Well, it’s been nice in some ways, we’ve had some rain and on some days it felt like we were already in October which made me really happy, but other days were tough.

cheese sour cream toast
My camera, the only proper camera I have to take photos with for the blog, broke. It actually stopped working as I was making this soup, which makes this recipe special on a whole new level.

Somewhere between roasting the tomatoes and serving the soup, the camera decided to give me the middle finger. It wouldn’t auto focus anymore, and even though the manual did still work, I was not prepared for that. Taking pictures when I’m sweating like I’ve just ran a marathon, shaking because I’m in a hurry as the sun is dying on me, well, that’s not when I want to shoot in manual.


basic crepe recipe

It is no secret that crepes are one of my favorite foods. In fact, I think I point that out a lot on here, whenever I can it seems. Because they really are great. Drowned in chocolate, fried or baked, I love them all.

banana nutella crepes with whipped cream

I shared a triple chocolate crepe recipe not too long ago, which really tops my favorite crepe recipes list, but I thought I should post a basic crepe recipe too. After all, classic crepes with Nutella are what I have most often and classics are classics for a reason.


ice cream iced coffee with whipped cream

We are ending this week with the 4th heat wave of the summer. I feel like this is all I talk about on here, on Twitter, on Instagram; I discuss it with my Oma over the phone and on Wednesday I talked about it with my hairdresser as she was cutting my hair.

ice cream iced coffee with whipped cream

About my haircut – I know most people won’t notice the change as I’ve only cut it shorter, but the hair is still long. I’m thinking about going back and cutting off another inch. If not for a cut, I want to go back just because the salon has air conditioning and the scalp massage Katja does while washing my hair is so amazing I kind of want to move in there. Those two hours were seriously the best two hours of the whole week.


tomato fried egg sandwich

There are days when I don’t feel like having a big dinner or days when my head is too tired to deal with a new recipe and everything I would usually make just doesn’t seem appealing. Those days I call sandwich days.

A sandwich can be just as good as a cooked meal, it’s just made a lot faster and I’m all for fast meals these days. This fried egg sandwich is a big favorite in our home. It’s done in no time, but is so filling that I hardly have room for dessert after this.


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