I’ve got news!

March 21, 2017

I’ve got news!

I've got news - Rihanna Anti cake

Now, bear with me. Because as you start reading this it might look like bad news at first, especially from your perspective, but trust me it’s good news only. 

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A pretty purple power bowl. 

Recipe for creamy, nourishing Coconut blueberry oat smoothie. Made with oats, chia seeds, almond butter and more - this truly is the perfect breakfast! Topped with coconut and pretty froot loops! | mitzyathome.com

I hope you don’t mind me sharing another breakfast with you, because I just did that, but I really had to show you this coconut blueberry oat smoothie. It’s gotten so warm this week I’m currently skipping the warm oatmeal completely and am in full-blown smoothie mode. But you all know by now that I go through phases with breakfast, so who knows what I’ll do next week. I do think I’ll be sticking to this smoothie for a while though, or at least variations of it.

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Caramelized banana quinoa spelt oatmeal is anything but your typical oatmeal.

Recipe for Caramelized banana quinoa spelt oatmeal, topped with almond butter, cacao nibs, coconut and dried raspberries! It's flavorful, filling and quick to make. A great breakfast! | mitzyathome.com

We’re in that early Spring stage now, where I sometimes don’t know what to wear, because the afternoons are warm, but the second the sun sets or the clouds come rolling in it’s cold again. It’s a constant dilemma of winter vs. spring clothes, coat on vs. coat off, shoes that can handle rain and shoes that can’t.

Which I know, I know... aren’t real problems at all, but I absolutely hate carrying clothes in my hands when I’m out so I prefer to get it right before I walk out the door.

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The ultimate Spring muffins.

Recipe for raspberry glazed toasted hazelnut apple muffins, naturally dyed muffins packed with apples and toasted hazelnuts. Great for a sweet breakfast or lighter dessert, that's made in no time! | mitzyathome.com

This weekend right here,  the days between Fat Thursday and Fat Tuesday, is a time many people patiently wait for all year. Maybe some aren’t as patient, who knows, maybe some don’t even care… but one thing is clear – the country is ridden with doughnuts right now, as is my freezer and… my belly.

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