Apple millet porridge

December 15, 2014

apple millet porridge

I’ve been trying to break this breakfast rut I’ve been in. This always happens to me, I go through phases of having the same breakfast everyday like it’s the best thing in the world and not trying anything else. Lately it’s been yogurt. Sometimes with a banana. Before that I was all about smoothies. Every now and then it’s cereal. Occasionally I’ll have something else, like pancakes, but that’s rare.  And so yogurt has been losing its appeal, because it is cold out and I don’t feel like having cold yogurt on top of that. And while there are other options, I feel like I’ve tried everything. In my search for something new, I now re-discovered millet, specifically millet porridge.


Italian crunchy almond cookies - Castagnelle - Mitzy At Home

A few days ago, I mentioned how hectic December is around here and I wasn’t kidding. I’m already feeling it this week, the typical December, I have a cold and I haven’t gotten enough sleep in all week. Oh, but the good outweighs the (not so) bad, right? I did have a great birthday and after about two weeks of rain and grayness we’ve finally gotten some sun, so that alone makes me feel a lot better. The power that the Sun has is just amazing. And while I notice the difference in my mood easily, observing it in animals is really fascinating. My cat trio gets kind of sad whenever the weather is bad. And then the minute the sun comes out, they all get crazily happy, they run around, they roll on the bed and the floor and they seem to be less needy, which is great for them and me.


sparkly clementine pomegranate cocktail

I just can’t stay away from drinks, can I? I was just raving about mulled wine, and here I am now with a cocktail. They’re both good choices, just work better at different occasions. Imagine drinking mulled wine after you finish building a snowman and you’re completely freezing, and then imagine drinking this sparkly clementine pomegranate cocktail after dinner with friends, chatting away into the night. Pretty sweet, right?


vegetarian salad olivier russian potato salad mitzyathome

Whew, this week didn’t start out as planned. I originally wanted to share a delicious chocolate hazelnut meringue cake with you, but that obviously didn’t work out. I baked both meringues in the oven at the same time, so they weren’t both positioned at the same height which was a big mistake because one of them ended up being undercooked. That was a big fail and I still get mad when I think about it. Meringues seem easy to make, and I still think they are, but it all comes down to the oven and cooking time. I did improvise a bit in the end, so we did have a dessert to enjoy after dinner, but I just couldn’t post that as a recipe, there really was no point in doing that. I will go back to it one day and share a proper recipe with everyone. This little mishap made me hate desserts for a day or two though, which is why I decided to make something completely different. A salad, but not just any salad, the best, most indulgent salad in the world – my mom’s vegetarian Salad Olivier.


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