blueberry mascarpone cream pie

This recipe is long overdue and I feel bad for not sharing it sooner. Blueberry pies are probably more of a spring and summer thing and here I am posting this recipe at the very end of August. But you know it’s always warm somewhere, right? And when you like pies and mascarpone as much as I do every season is pie season. To make things easier this recipe uses frozen blueberries anyway!

blueberry mascarpone pie slice

I have a story that goes with this pie. The first time I mentioned it was almost two months ago. Years ago, one of my many student jobs included a job at a café/brunch place. I would make coffee, serve lunch, make sure the pies and bread were stored properly and I also had to wash the dishes and mop the floors. It wasn’t a very exciting job, but it wasn’t a bad one either. Looking at those pies daily and having a taste sometimes, I wanted to make something similar at home. And one of my favorites was this cottage cheese blueberry pie. Cottage cheese and blueberries are real best friends, I can guarantee that, and I’ve made this pie with that combo a few times over the years. But because I bake with cottage cheese way too much (see these rolls or pancakes),  I decided to swap it with mascarpone. A few testing hours and months later I can now share this with you.

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warm couscous mediterranean salad

It’s recipes like this one that make me wish I had a garden. I don’t think I’ve ever told you about wanting a garden, but I do want one. I just like the idea of walking down the lawn to a little corner on my property (future “dream” property) and picking the fruits of my labor. That is such a cliche but it is where I see myself in the future. I do know having a garden isn’t all fun, it requires work and effort, but I think that if my 70-year-old grandparents can still do it, I could too some day.

warm couscous mediterranean salad and mache

Anyway, this has been one of my favorite recipes for a long time now. I’ve come to a point where I know it by heart and don’t have to look in my notes anymore. And that makes cooking a lot easier. Apart from couscous, everything else can be easily changed, based on what I have in the fridge, but I do admit that I like this salad the most just the way that the recipe is written down here today.

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elderflower blueberry lime cocktail

I really wanted to celebrate the end of my short break with a cocktail and share it with you. My original plan was to tell you all about Hugo. It’s supposed to be the drink of the summer, just like Aperol Spritz, and I admit I love it. Its key ingredient is elderflower syrup, which I adore as it just puts me right back into my childhood. It’s one of those things everyone’s grandmother/aunt/neighbor makes every summer. Normally, I drink it mixed with water, but that isn’t really blog worthy. That is why I wanted to make a cocktail. But my plan didn’t work out. You see, the second of the few ingredients in Hugo is mint. For some reason every store I go to either doesn’t sell it or the mint is sold out, and I was left empty-handed. I should probably just grow my own, but I am too late for that now.  I did pick up something else on my shopping trips – key limes. The stores have been completely stocked with them and I really couldn’t pass them, as their green color is just so beautiful and inviting!  I had some elderflower syrup at home and I love lime juice, which led me to combining the two.  While I was really upset that I couldn’t get any mint, I am happy with the result of that. This drink is really refreshing and tasty!  Summer may be saying goodbye, but it’s not gone yet which leaves me (and you) just enough time to enjoy it.

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August 3, 2014

A while ago I made a hint about making some changes around here. And the time has now come. I started writing this blog about a year and a half ago, not knowing exactly what I wanted it to be.

I’ve blogged about all sorts of things, shared everything from my favorite interiors to jackets and pet products, to recipes, DIYs and daily life stories. But I have noticed a change in myself in the past six months. I’ve realized there are things I simply just enjoy reading about and then there are those I want to share more of. Trying to share a little bit of everything has made me feel unsatisfied.

A while ago I got a comment that said something like “cats and good food make a happy home” and it has stuck with me ever since because it is so true to what I am all about. I enjoy making things a lot more than I enjoy searching for them. I like to cook, I like to take pictures of my cats and I enjoy sharing little snippets of my everyday life. And I’ve now stopped blocking the idea of my blog taking a direction in this way, becoming more focused on what I enjoy doing. Focus is good, it prevents me from being all over the place and takes the pressure off.

So, here comes a new blog name. MITZY AT HOME. Why Mitzy? I few years ago I started developing my own line of dog and cat toys, that hasn’t seen the light of day yet, and when I was looking for a name I thought of Mitzy. There had been others before that, but had not felt quite right. This one does. To me it means cozy, homey, made with love.

I want to welcome you all to Mitzy at home, where I will regularly post vegetarian recipes, occasionally share DIY tutorials and stories from my daily life, which include both my cats and travels. Essentially, I will share more of what you readers have responded to the most over the last year. While I might talk about my favorites here and there, most of that will be reserved for Pinterest, so make sure to follow me there to get a glimpse of my taste in interior design and similar.


The transition will hopefully happen by the end of next week, which is when the URL of this blog will permanently change to I am doing this all by myself and I am really nervous, but am keeping my fingers crossed all goes smooth.

Thank you, if you decide to join me on this new journey.



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