The ultimate Spring muffins.

Recipe for raspberry glazed toasted hazelnut apple muffins, naturally dyed muffins packed with apples and toasted hazelnuts. Great for a sweet breakfast or lighter dessert, that's made in no time! |

This weekend right here,  the days between Fat Thursday and Fat Tuesday, is a time many people patiently wait for all year. Maybe some aren’t as patient, who knows, maybe some don’t even care… but one thing is clear – the country is ridden with doughnuts right now, as is my freezer and… my belly.

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Happy Valentine’s day! 

Recipe for Chocolate lover's triple chocolate ganache layer cake, every chocoholic's dream come true! Made with coffee, rich bittersweet chocolate and cream, but no butter, this chocolate cake is smooth and addicting! Topped with sprinkles and flowers, to make it super pretty. |

Whatever your relationship status, I hope you’re having a kickass day. I do like Valentine’s day but I’m not that into it… I mean, I don’t mind the cake or the flowers, but I’m not one to expect or want anything too out of the ordinary.

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You’ll want to eat this 24/7. 

Recipe for Crispy tofu shaved brussels sprout salad with honey mustard dressing, pine nuts and Parmesan. Easy to make, very filling and vegetarian meal. |

I think brussels sprouts are on the rise. Would you agree?

I mean, I’ve always loved brussels sprouts, although my prefered method was roasted and not raw, but nevertheless I’ve always been a fan. But a lot of people, Rok including, aren’t fans.

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Sunday reads

February 5, 2017

Sunday reads and world Nutella day… all I need.

mitzy at home sunday reads - krembos - mallomars

(One of those photos I take but never show or post. I took this one back in December when I was testing a recipe for krembos / mallomars / flødeboller / choco kisses…  So many names! Recipe is coming in 2017, I can say that much. )

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