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The ultimate Spring muffins.

Recipe for raspberry glazed toasted hazelnut apple muffins, naturally dyed muffins packed with apples and toasted hazelnuts. Great for a sweet breakfast or lighter dessert, that's made in no time! | mitzyathome.com

This weekend right here,  the days between Fat Thursday and Fat Tuesday, is a time many people patiently wait for all year. Maybe some aren’t as patient, who knows, maybe some don’t even care… but one thing is clear – the country is ridden with doughnuts right now, as is my freezer and… my belly.

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Happy Valentine’s day! 

Recipe for Chocolate lover's triple chocolate ganache layer cake, every chocoholic's dream come true! Made with coffee, rich bittersweet chocolate and cream, but no butter, this chocolate cake is smooth and addicting! Topped with sprinkles and flowers, to make it super pretty. | mitzyathome.com

Whatever your relationship status, I hope you’re having a kickass day. I do like Valentine’s day but I’m not that into it… I mean, I don’t mind the cake or the flowers, but I’m not one to expect or want anything too out of the ordinary.

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Puffed quinoa date energy balls

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

When in doubt… make these. 

Recipe for Puffed quinoa date energy balls, packed with all the good stuff! Great healthy snack. | mitzyathome.com

You will not believe this, or maybe you will, but… we still have December chocolate left. And it’s been messing with our snacking habits.

Honestly, this happens every year. Between all the birthdays and holidays, we buy and get the most sweets in December. The other months are really dry compared to Numero 12. The only downside is that we, or at least I, cannot stop snacking on the chocolate. Seriously, how does one stay away? What would you do?

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Winter citrus yogurt loaf cake

Friday, January 20, 2017

Here’s one thing to make winter better:

Recipe for Winter citrus yogurt loaf cake - perfect soft pound cake, loaded with citrus zest, moistened with syrup and sugar-glazed! Easy to throw together. | mitzyathome.com

Have you noticed that the days are getting longer? I know they slowly have been since late December, but I feel like the change is really apparent now. The sun sets a good half hour later which means we get a tiiiiny bit more of light and I am loving it.

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