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Winter green soup is a soup your body will love! 

Recipe for winter green soup - broccoli cauliflower brussels sprouts soup, that is so healthy and so easy to make! Cashews make it super creamy and that much better. Perfect lunch or light dinner. Also a freezer friendly meal! | mitzyathome.com

If some of you have been reading my blog for a while, then this soup might look familiar. If not then I’m glad you’re here… getting familiar with this soup. Because it’s such a jewel.

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Hearty vegetable barley soup

Friday, April 15, 2016

hearty vegetable barley soup

I posted this barley photo to Instagram a few ads ago, wondering what your thoughts are and a few of you replied with some major barley appreciation which makes me so happy! I love hearing what you guys think or get some tips.

hearty vegetable barley soup

I absolutely adore barley and this hearty vegetable barley soup is a recipe that I’ve wanted to share for so long. I just never got around to making it for the blog, well, photographing it. And then at the end of winter I thought I was too late to share it, thinking no one wants a fall/winter type of recipe when it’s warm out.


Potato sauerkraut stew (vegan + GF)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

potato sauerkraut stew

Here’s what I don’t get: Why is it always sunny during the week but come weekend it’s grey and crappy outside? It messes with my plans.

potato sauerkraut stew vegan gluten free

It’s funny because during the summer I normally do my best to hide from the sun. You put me out there for 10 minutes unprotected in the middle of the day and I’ll be the prettiest lobster around. More like the only lobster and not that pretty, but that’s beside the point.


Simple quick vegetable stock

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

simple quick vegetable stock

Can you imagine making dough without flour? Or coffee without coffee? Or milk? I can’t. Just like I can’t imagine making a soup without vegetable stock.  Using it has become so natural for me, I put it into everything. If I don’t have any, water is fine, but I prefer the extra flavor stock gives to soups, stews, sauces, risotto, etc.

simple quick vegetable stock

And I do have a vegetable stock recipe on here. I never read it when I make stock at home, but I did purposely read it the other day and I made the awful realisation that I usually use only half of the vegetables listed in that recipe. Or sometimes I use some that aren’t listed at all.


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